Production Control Center APX/PCC

The Production Control Center APX/PCC is a powerful tool for planning and controlling company-wide production workflows in data centers (DC) across platform boundaries. The resulting improved utilization of all resources leads to increased data center productivity and significantly boosts the service level of the DC operation. The scheduling system can be flexibly integrated into any IT infrastructure and offers unlimited scalability. APX/PCC is certified for SAP NetWeaver.

Due to the scalability and reliability it brings, APX/PCC caters to the need of any company running DC operations. Also, the built-in multi-client capability enables companies such as IT service centers to serve different customers using a single system. 

The central element of APX/PCC is the scheduler; this part includes all important and necessary information about productive job and processes. Here it turns out the great fexibility of the system. The user decides about the “home” of the scheduler system. These are the possibilities: Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux or zLinux. All information is stored in a relational SQL database. The database can be: MS SQL Server, Oracle or Informix.

Cross Plattform – oriented on distributed environments and Mainframe
The APX/PCC scheduler is planning, scheduling and controlling the entire enterprise batch workload within a heterogenious IT world. As well as mainframe platforms (zOS, OS/390, VM, VSE (native modus or under VM), OS/400 and BS2000) specially the jobs and processes of distributed client/server systems and their applications ( Windows/NT/2000/XP, Unix, SAP R/3 and SAP BW) are centralized and automated scheduled from APX/PCC.


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